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If you don’t currently have carpet, it’s worth considering

There’s absolutely no harm in taking a few extra minutes to find out what’s new in carpet these days. After all, you might be surprised to find this flooring is a better fit for your lifestyle than you might have thought. With better stain-fighting abilities, more functionality in the homes of allergy sufferers, and all the most well-known benefits it’s always had, you might be reading about your next floor covering. What’s more, it’s affordable at any budget level and offers a great lifespan, especially when maintained to standards set forth in the manufacturer’s suggestions. At T & M Floors, we aim to please. That means every customer that walks through our Silsbee, TX showroom doors gets the royal treatment with regard to your flooring needs. From Silsbee, TX to Beaumont, TX we strive for complete customer satisfaction. That means offering the best materials at the best prices, served up by the friendliest and most knowledgeable sales associates you’ll meet. Pay us a visit and allow us the opportunity to get to know you and your flooring needs. We’ll get you on your way with everything you need to make your flooring dreams a reality.

Carpet can do what other floors can’t

Carpet is the only soft surface floor covering on the market, and as such, it can make certain claims that no other floor covering can make. For instance, it’s softer underfoot and offers a variety of benefits directly related to that softness

Walk safer with carpet

A stable and safe surface, for example, is perfect for tiny children as well as elderly residents in your home. This surface not only makes it safer to walk without the fear of falls, but it reduces the chance of serious injury if falls do happen. What’s more, mobility devices such as walkers and canes are much less likely to slip away.

That softness is also responsible for the extra layer of insulation carpet provides. This helps retain heat, making a difference you can see on your energy bill each month. Whether the weather is cold or hot, that extra insulation can really make a difference.
Luxury carpet in Silsbee, TX from T & M Floors

Less mess with built-in stain protection

Some manufacturers made big waves in the carpet industry by adding stain protection to the very fibers of this flooring. Not only does it keep your floors cleaner in general, but it also keeps stains from soaking in and makes the floors quicker and easier to clean when it comes time for a professional cleaning.

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