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Important information about flooring removal

Flooring removal is a necessary service any time you have your floors replaced or upgraded. Some materials, such as stone, hardwood, and tile, require more time and tools to remove than others. Likewise, many specialized tools and procedures are also necessary.

If you have flooring that needs removal, either in commercial or residential settings, we have more to tell you. We will consider your entire project, let you know how we can assist, and make sure everything is just as you need it to be. For more information about the specifics, follow along here.

Flooring removal information

With the most technologically advanced tools for removing flooring, the task doesn't take nearly as long. We can manage the job in half the time, or less than traditional manual methods, even if it is tile or stone that must be removed. But even with the best machinery, dust particles can be created and must be dealt with.
That’s where a dust-free removal system comes into play. Using the most up to date technology, dust removal systems suction and trap harmful dust particles that could be sent swirling into the air as your old flooring is removed. This can be life-changing for allergy sufferers, but it’s just as crucial for those who have never had an allergic reaction.

Using a professional service for the removal of hardwood flooring can be very important. Not only is it a lot of strenuous work, but you can also actually cause a lot of damage if you attempt the process on your own. Our professionals are trained and experienced in this removal process and can assure that your subfloor will never be damaged during the removal process. If you’d like even more information about this service, be sure to visit us when you’re in the area.
Flooring Removal in Silsbee, TX area from T & M Floors

A great flooring removal company

At T & M Floors, we have all the experience and necessary tools to make the removal of your flooring a more straightforward task than you might think. With specialized equipment, we can work half the time of traditional flooring removal methods such as a hammer and chisel. We also work with special dust collection technology that allows us to work cleaner than conventional removal methods.

We proudly serve the residents of Silsbee, TX, Kountze, TX, Lumberton, TX, Beaumont, TX, && Silsbee, TX. If you are in these areas, be sure to visit our Silsbee, Texas showroom at your convenience. We look forward to assisting you with any residential flooring or commercial floor removal.